Founded in August, 2012, Beijing Shareco Technologies Co., Ltd. (“Shareco”) is a leading company in China’s in-flight entertainment and connectivity (“IFEC”) market. As China’s first unlisted public company in the IFEC industry, Shareco has substantial experience in providing in-flight entertainment related services to Chinese and international commercial airlines through in-flight connectivity, content on the tablets it distributes for passengers to use, and e-commerce, among other things. By building up an ecosystem in the cabin, Shareco connects the demands of passengers with business partners as providers, extending services during flight to non-flying time of passengers. It has contracts with over 10 airlines within China, with the possibility of connecting up to 1,000 aircraft. The company distributes tablets on more than 200 aircraft and more than 800 flights. The company is headquartered in Beijing, China.

Shareco's major hardware refers to:

AirBox – tablets with customized content for aircraft cabin
AirHub – patented in-flight WLAN facility
AirSat –in-flight connectivity solution based on satellite communication
Our software systems include Airpay (in-flight payment system), DMP (big data platform) and ADT (automatic updating system), etc.

Shareco has also set up maintenance bases within airports of 15 major cities across the country. Each base is equipped with special-purpose vehicles, as well as customized charging and data collection systems in order to conduct daily equipment maintenance & update for hundreds of aircraft that serve over 100,000 air travellers every day.

Shareco has become the largest in-flight entertainment and connectivity platform and one of the world’s leading innovative companies on civil aviation auxiliary business.