Shareco and Alipay make mobile payment available on air

The flight attendant is recommending products in Shareco's sky shopping mall to the passengers.

9th March 2017, Beijing -- On 9th March, Alipay, Shareco and Hainan Airlines jointly announced the formal opening of mobile payment service on air. HU7619 of Hainan Airlines on 8th March became the first flight on which people can make mobile payments in the air. This also marks the domestic airlines officially entered the era of mobile payment on air, achieving the zero breakthrough for all passengers.

When taking Hainan Airlines flights on which the IFC services are provided by Beijing Shareco Technologies Co., Ltd. (NEEQ:837676), passengers can make real-time Alipay payments for any consumption in the cabin.

At present, 15 wide-body aircraft in Hainan Airlines - including nine Boeing 787-9 and six Airbus 330 can all be able to provide mobile payment service, covering more than 60,000 passengers each week. In the future, this payment function will be extended to all the other airlines among which the Internet services are provided by Shareco.

The flight attendant is showing the products in Shareco's sky shopping mall.

No SMS verification, payment is more convenient

Alipay staff told reporters that, when taking flights on which Internet services are provided by Shareco, passengers could purchase related products and services on the Internet portal page, then skip to Alipay payment interface. Through inputting correct user name and payment password they can easily complete the payment.

According to Alipay’s risk management rules, payments happen in new network environment or on new equipment and other special circumstances should acquire users to receive an SMS authentication code and make the verification. However, incapable of sending or receiving text messages on the aircraft have been a bottleneck problem for online payment landing into the cabin. Besides, because of China's civil aviation regulations, the prohibition of using mobile phones during the flight excludes the scanning solution either.

In collaboration with Shareco’s technical department, Alipay has overcome this difficulty by using a new type of safety control system without violating existing laws and regulations for paying security guidelines. What passengers need to do is to remember their own Alipay account name and payment password.

At the same time, for the special scene of cabin in the air, Alipay and Shareco both strengthen the security measures and take a more stringent payment security process. Throughout the entire payment process, even on public equipment, passenger's private data is completely closed and would be deleted immediately after using. That is to say, there will be no disclosure of users' privacy.

Alipay payment page for on-board shopping

Complete the real-time transaction, shopping on air at low prices

On HU7619 flight that day, many passengers experienced this latest service. Passengers could get connected to Wi-Fi in the cabin provided by Shareco through their own tablets or laptops, then access to the Internet portal page. After that, they could open the topic page to browse Shareco’s sky shopping mall and select their favorite goods, then use Alipay making real-time payments.

Miss Song, who’s on her business trip to Shanghai, found that the sky shopping mall was hosting a “Goddess Festival” promotion activity that day. She decisively spent 899 yuan purchasing an Armani female watch which is originally priced 2880 yuan. After completing the payment through Alipay, Miss Song became the first consumer experiencing the mobile payment in domestic airlines.

Miss Song said, shopping for gifts in the the cabin thousands of meters high above the clouds has a unique sense of ritual. It’s a great experience to make payments through the same process as shopping on the ground. And Ms. Zhang, who traveled to Shanghai with her whole family, also expressed her expectation of experiencing more application scenarios in the cabin with such a convenient paying method in the future.

In addition, Alipay’s mobile paying function in the air can also be applied to the airlines' upgrading business. The collaboration with Alipay provides a convenient paying method for passengers who have upgrading needs but do not carry enough cash.

Miss Song and another passenger are experiencing ,Alipay mobile payment in the cabin.

More characteristic consumption options will be provided.

Shareco’s CEO Brooks Pan said, due to the particularity of the network environment in the air, Alipay landing into cabin is a result of tripartite technology, risk management, market and other relevant departments working together to overcome every single difficulty. It’s also a best performance of the IFC operation on the platform. From POS machines off-line payment, bank card payment, to Alipay payment, Shareco has continuously been committed to providing business partners stationed in the air platform more solutions to build a complete commercial closed-loop.

As a pioneer in China's Internet aviation and the only builder and operator of domestic Internet aircraft fleet, Shareco has always been committed to building the ecosystem in the cabin, managing and operating users’ flight time. Relying on the unique IFC technology and intelligent terminal platform, through the "reconstruction of scenes in cabin", Shareco provides users with customized products, services and a complete service system.

Brooks Pan said, "mobile real-time payment landing into the cabin has broaden the payment channels of consumption in the air. It brings us richer imagination for better cabin services and happier cabin experience."

Domestic airlines have considered the IFC business as one of the key factors to provide passengers with better cabin experience. They are also actively promoting the development of IFC business. In the future, under the helpful supports of all the other airlines, the mobile payment business in the air will be widely spread along with Shareco’s Internet aircraft modification scheme. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the number of Internet airplanes operated by Shareco will reach 129, including Hainan Airlines, Capital Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Air Changan, Yangtze River Airlines and other airlines, with more than 3,000 passengers enjoying the service each year.

Shareco will also collaborate with mainstream Internet companies, providing services in travel, hotels, catering reservations, taxi booking, car renting and other aspects of food, lodging, traffic, traveling, shopping, entertainment and a series of destination-related services in various consumer scenarios to passengers on the plane. Let passengers’ comfortable journey start at the moment of their boarding.

Brooks Pan said: “Welcome more Internet companies to collaborate with Shareco racing to control the highland of aviation Internet.”

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