Shareco's AirHub project obtained the MDA certificate issued by Civil Aviation Administration of China

2nd March 2017, Haikou -- On 27th February, "The AirHub cabin wireless LAN modification project on Boeing 737-800 aircraft" jointly applied by Beijing Shareco Technologies Co., Ltd. (NEEQ: 837676) and Hainan Airlines Technology obtained the MDA (Modification Design Approval) certificate issued by China Civil Aviation Administration of China.

This MDA certificate implies that AirHub has won a significant victory in the process of widely pushing itself into the market. The acquisition of the certificate not only means the great process Shareco and Hainan Airlines Technology have made in the Chinese aviation Internet industry, but also marks China's own intellectual property brand has broken the foreign manufacturer's dominance in this field.

Shareco's CEO Brooks Pan(Pan Yunbin) introduced that, the AirHub equipment which is independently invented and developed by Shareco, is the world's first ultra-small intelligent cabin interactive system. Compared with similar products within China and abroad,the system has a number of obvious advantages:

First of all, AirHub has high integration and light weight. The cabin LAN system on ordinary narrow-body aircraft needs to be installed throughout the cabin roof, with a total weight of nearly 140 kg. In contrast,the total weight of an AirHub is merely 2 kg.

Secondly, the installation of AirHub is very convenient. the entire set is slightly bigger than a lunch box. The system does not take up any equipment space on the aircraft. Compared to 13-15 days of modification that similar equipment may need, the installation of AirHub only takes one night.

Thirdly, AirHub has low maintenance cost. The system with simple and intuitive interface can be automatically monitoring 7×24 hours. Adding professional teams or personnel for operation and maintenance is unnecessary for airlines in daily use. In addition, the unique architecture design of AirHub system is of higher security and stability compared with similar products. It will also enhance the operational efficiency of the airlines.

At the same time, Shareco's cabin LAN modification and operation integrated solution based on the system has set a precedent of operating cabin network services through cooperating with vast number of Internet companies. Shareco is using the "nesting to attract phoenix" strategy to attract partners such as Tencent, Alibaba, NetEase, Sina, Didi, and provide massive audio and video resources, entertainment and business-related services for aviation customers all together.

The world's first AirHub aircraft was successfully tested on 28th December, 2017

Brooks Pan (Pan Yunbin) also revealed that, according to the existing orders, Shareco will modify more than 60 AirHub aircraft within the year to initially establish China's most advanced ecosystem in the cabin.

About Beijing Shareco Technologies Co., Ltd. (NEEQ: 837676)

Founded in August, 2012, Beijing Shareco Technologies Co., Ltd. (“Shareco”) is a leading company in China's in-flight entertainment and connectivity (“IFEC”) market. As China's first unlisted public company in the IFEC industry, Shareco has substantial experience in providing in-flight entertainment related services to Chinese and international commercial airlines through in-flight connectivity, content on the tablets it distributes for passengers to use, and e-commerce, among other things.

So far, Shareco's ecosystem in the cabin has landed in roughly 10 airlines such as Hainan Airlines, Capital Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Yangtze River Airlines, Air Guilin, Air Changan, Ok Air, etc. By building up an ecosystem in the cabin, Shareco connects the demands of passengers with business partners as providers, extending services during flight to non-flying time of passengers. It has contracts with over 10 airlines within China, with the possibility of connecting more than 4 million travelers each month. Find out more at: or follow our official WeChat: xilehangkeji

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