Shareco rebuilds urban life in the air with internet giants

BEIJING, Aug 9, 2016 -- They love to travel around the world, but also care about their families; they are enthusiastic about black-tech, but also interested in trivia; they focus on investment, but also pay attention to gossip – they are a group of elite with high position, high income and open mind – it’s the precise portrait described in the first edition of white-paper about air passengers released by Shareco.

Based on the portrait, Shareco cooperates with its partners to rebuild travelers’ life up in the air, providing the internet service and products highly in demand. Today, Shareco held a news conference with its partners, including Le Sports and Didichuxing, to announce the cooperation in the cabin ecosystem.

AirBox, an iPad-like tablet designed and produced by Shareco, which provides content more suitable for air passengers and provide each of them customized content according to their preference, have collected massive customer behavior stats. The white paper is based on the stats Airbox collected from Jan 1st 2013 to May 3rd 2016, including 3.6 billion pieces of behavior data from 96 million airplane passengers.

It revealed that compared to female, male passengers accounted for the major part (61%); the main age range for passengers is 18 to 30 (43%); most of the passengers hold managing positions in their companies (81.7%), and they are likely to be married and are relatively highly educated. The average annual income of passengers is higher compared with average internet population, and per customer transaction in-flight is 1,045RMB ($157). The average usage time of Airbox is 43 minutes.

“As a pioneer in the industry, Shareco collects tons of info from passengers and knows very well of their interests and demands, opening the opportunity of online and offline precision marketing”, said Liu Dongdong, Founder of Chief data officer alliance. “Shareco has the ability to offer more marketing value to its clients and partners.”

On June 13 this year, the first aircraft with IFE, Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 made its maiden flight, creating a record as up to 105 people surfed the internet through satellite linkage inflight at the same time. The portal to access internet on this aircraft is powered by Shareco. Up till now, Shareco has provided Internet service to 10 aircraft and plan to modify about 30 aircraft to make Internet available by the end of this year. The number will reach 100 at the year of 2017.

During this process, Shareco tried different new products, up to date technology and practical solutions to provide free and fast Internet services to passengers, established good relationship with world’s leading providers such as Gogo and GEE.

At the news conference, Shareco’s pioneer partners, including LeSports, Didichuxing, Beijing Logical Technology, Dark Horse and China International Venue Ally, etc. introduced their tailored products and services on Shareco’s eco-platform in the cabin respectively.

Internet Service VP of LeSports, Jin Hang, said their first product with Shareco –live broadcast of EuroCup, has already been put online during the event, and now the Olympics would go live in the cabin as well. While Zhu Lei, VP of Didichuxing, introduced their special transportation product service – make an appointment in flight and test-drive a car right away after passengers land.

In addition, Beijing Logical Technology will provide passengers exclusive column content for free, Dark Horse will serve passengers with up to date knowledge of entrepreneurship, and China International Venue Ally will create a show business alliance in the air, providing customers recommended show info for booking in flight. Their magic lesson video in flight would make learning magic in the air possible.

“The leading Internet giants in different industries have seen the value of cabin ecosystem and platform beyond others”, Pan Yunbin, CEO of Shareco, told the press conference, “Shareco will provide them precise big data analysis of passengers, IFC and other services in need, which will create more value for our partenrs. In the next move, Shareco will select partners with high criteria, develop more products and services and make inflight life in the future more fun.”

About Beijing Shareco Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shareco)

Founded in August, 2012, Beijing Shareco Technologies Co., Ltd. has substantial experience in providing in-flight entertainment related services to Chinese and international commercial airlines through in-flight connectivity, content on the tablets it distributes for passengers to use, and e-commerce, among other things. By building up an ecosystem in the cabin, Shareco connects the demands of passengers with business partners as providers, extending services during flight to non-flying time of passengers. It has contracts with more than 10 airlines within China. It has planned to invest approximately $152.7 million to connect 100 aircraft within two years with the possibility of connecting up to 1,000 aircraft. The company distributes tablets on more than 200 aircraft and more than 800 flights. The company is headquartered in Beijing, China, with offices and teams located in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

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