Independent Software Development

Shareco has developed an independent APK integrating diversified contents including multi-media entertainment, games and e-commerce. Shareco's internationalized software development team is in charge of the system's optimization in terms of memory control, content management and update mode, in order to guarantee a continuous improvement on the application stability and user experience. Each airline company we serve is provided with its customized Launcher and contents.

Independent Hardware Development

We have developed and updated our customized hardware equipment specially designed for in-flight usage scenario. Our products focus on joyful experience as in-flight entertainment device, and have obtained multiple patents in relevant fields. Shareco's professional hardware development team ensures the rapid but steady growth of in-flight ecosystem.

Data Management

Shareco's smart terminal devices contain built-in data systems for recording data including the duration of use, the place of use, PV, UV of different contents, etc. that allow us to obtain vast quantities of valuable information via meta-analysis whereby we can accurately grasp the users' demands, and thus enhance our marketing development rate.


Shareco has set up maintenance bases within airports of a number ofmajor cities across the country, with a team of around 300 employees allowed to enter the after-security check areas. Each base is equipped with specialized vehicles, as well as customized charging and data collection systems in order to conduct daily equipment maintenance & update for hundreds of aircraft.